8 Simple & Time-Saving Christmas Decor Storage Ideas (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Dec 18, 2015 Home & Garden
8 Simple & Time-Saving Christmas Decor Storage Ideas (PHOTOS)

tangled lights christmas storageDecorating your home for Christmas can be a wonderfully festive occasion -- if you don't have to spend four hours trying to untangle your lights and find the rogue limbs of your artificial tree. Do yourself a favor this year and store that holiday decor in a way that'll make it a cinch to set up next Christmas.

We found storage solutions from clever bloggers that'll transform your attic or basement into a veritable North Pole! Consider this the gift of organization! (You're welcome.)


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  • Wreath Storage


    Karen of Sew Many Ways shares her ingenious solution for Wreath Storage. Rolling rack, plastic garbage bags, and hangers are all you'll need to keep those wreaths fluffy and dust-free until you pull them out again next Christmas.

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  • A Dedicated Gift Wrap Door


    If you love making your presents look perfect, you probably have a drawer or a tub that's overflowing with wrap, ribbons, bows, and more. Jennifer of I Heart Organizing shared how she keeps it all sorted and stored neatly in just one tiny closet. This is a great idea for birthday wrap as well. 

  • Lights on a Hanger


    Tired of untangling those pesky lights? Try this trick devised by Sharon of Sharon's Scrapbook. Wrap the strands around a hanger and either store them in a closet, on a rack, or in a storage bin. Think of it as an early gift to yourself for next Christmas. 

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  • Ornament Tubs on Wheels


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    Rather than tossing all those lovely colored ornaments into one tub, Eileen of The Seasonal Home separates her baubles and stores them in drawer units that come on wheels, which makes them easy to roll into the house and around the room you’re decorating, she points out.

    "When you remove the wheels, they are easy to stack to create more vertical storage, which is how I use them to separate my ornaments by color and my decorations by theme," she says.

  • Artificial Tree Storage


    Image via theseasonalhome.com

    Eileen of The Seasonal Home carefully wraps her trees with twine and then stores them inside plastic bags. Once it is completely wrapped, secure it with packing tape. As an extra treat, Eileen adds scented pinecones so she can enjoy that seasonal aroma when she sets it up next year.

  • Labeling Is Key


    Who says storage can't get in the holiday spirit? Don't you love that these tubs are red and green? But what makes them as functional as they are festive is the detailed labels. Sharon of Sharon's Scrapbook says whether you choose to store by the room, the color, or the theme, grouping like items together and then labeling that box will save you loads of time. 

  • Wrap on Wheels


    Image via acasarella.net

    Elena of A Casarella keeps her gift wrap neatly organized in this cart on wheels. Nothing gets wrinkled or ripped with this solution! 

  • Attic Transforms into the North Pole


    Heather of Southern State of Mind has transformed her attic in Santa's Workshop by keeping her tubs labeled and together in one area of the room. While it's easy to just chuck everything in your storage area together, no one wants to be sorting through Easter eggs and Halloween pumpkins at Christmas.

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