12 Brilliant, Random & Truly Odd Things People Have Ordered on Amazon Prime

Wendy Robinson | Dec 24, 2015 Home & Garden
12 Brilliant, Random & Truly Odd Things People Have Ordered on Amazon Prime

amazon prime box"Another package is here." These words, in a text message from my mildly exasperated husband, give my heart an excited little flutter. Even though I know that the package is only a bottle of lotion and a package of ponytail holders that I ordered two days ago, it still feels like getting a present. Maybe not the best present I've ever received, but this is the special, private joy of having an Amazon Prime membership.

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As most probably already know, for an annual fee, Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping, which means that it becomes dangerously easy to order things on a whim, which can lead to some decidedly random purchases. From Cheez-Its, to batteries, to giant orders of printer paper, to, well, *personal* items -- people shared with us their favorite and most random Amazon orders. Some of them are brilliant -- check out the girl who ordered herself tampons and chocolate, before her period started -- and others are just weird, like the mom who ordered toothbrushes in the mail. But as any Prime member knows, an Amazon membership is worth it for the most unusual and entertaining mail. Click through and see these strange orders that we've rounded up! 

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  • Genius


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    "I looked at my period tracking app and realized I was heading for the PMS zone, so I ordered myself a box of tampons, a bag of chocolate, and a pair of sweatpants. When my box came on the same day as Aunt Flo, I felt like I was a total genius." -- Marilee C., San Jose, California

  • Planning Ahead


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    "I used Prime to make sure there were snacks waiting for us at the hotel on our last family vacation. I'm sure we saved a ton of money by not using the mini-bar. And the kids thought it was awesome to have a box full of treats waiting in our room." -- Lara D., Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Clean Teeth by Mail


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    "After forgetting to buy new toothbrushes on three separate grocery trips, I finally just ordered them from Amazon. My kids were SO pumped when a package arrived in the mail, and then so hilariously disappointed when they opened it to find a six pack of toothbrushes. Totally worth it." -- Justine W., Palo Alto, California

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  • Little-Known Fact


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    "A lot of people don't realize that Amazon has adult products. So, yes, I basically ordered an orgasm via mail, and it came quickly, no apologies needed." -- Anonymous

  • Protection in Two Days or Less


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    "I used Prime to send my little sister condoms. They arrived to her dorm room the day before her long-distance boyfriend did. And I'm still not an aunt, so they must have worked!" -- Delia B., Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Paper Trail


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    "I'm in charge of ordering office supplies for the family business and had to order some printer paper. I used Amazon Prime, and then promptly forgot about it. When the box arrived, it happened to be my birthday so I got all excited about my 'present,' until I opened it and remembered 'oh yeah, printer paper.' Talk about a letdown." -- Paige R., Topeka, Kansas

  • Batteries Required


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    "My most random order was probably the single package of hearing aid batteries I ordered for my grandma. I actually felt kind of badly about ordering them from Prime. It was probably not the most environmentally responsible thing to have all that packaging and shipping for something so small." -- Pak K., Toledo, Ohio

  • 'Super Glamorous'


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    "I have three kids under the age of 4. I use Amazon Prime all the freaking time. If I can avoid having to drag three kids to the store, I'm going to do it. My last purchase was a NoseFrida to suck snot out of the baby's nose. My life is super glamorous." -- Taylor B., Hudson, Wisconsin

  • Caulk and More


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    "My last package was a weird one: caulk, a caulk gun, a couple of board books for my 2-year-old, a sports bra, and a big thing of plastic sandwich bags. Even though I had ordered it, I STILL have that little thrill about getting a package ... even when it is the most boring package!" -- Kelsey H., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • A Box of Boxes


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    "There was a rash of thefts in my neighborhood last week. Apparently, tons of people were getting deliveries and a group of thieves were grabbing packages off porches and stuff. I can't help but think they must have been disappointed when they stole my Amazon box which was literally a box of boxes! We're getting ready to move, so I Primed a bunch of moving supplies, including boxes. What a worthwhile thing to steal." -- Sara C., Minneapolis, Minnesota

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  • Depending on Amazon


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    "This is super embarrassing, but when I was pregnant with my twins, I got a sinus infection that I couldn't shake. The babies were low and right on my bladder, so I was peeing my pants every time I sneezed or coughed. It was awful. So, yes, I Primed adult diapers. I would have been way too embarrassed to buy those at a store." -- Anonymous

  • DJ Lance Rock


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    "This is what I got yesterday. Lemon lotion and a DJ Lance Rock plush doll. Obviously. Those two things ALWAYS go together." -- Karson B., Saint Paul, Minnesota


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