A Beautifully One-of-a-Kind Holiday Home Tour With Andrea Jenkins (PHOTOS)

Sheri Reed | Dec 17, 2015 Home & Garden
A Beautifully One-of-a-Kind Holiday Home Tour With Andrea Jenkins (PHOTOS)

Christmas decor mantelToday, we are so lucky to get to peek inside the home of Andrea Jenkins -- writer, photographer, creator of Hula Seventyand Instagram extraordinaire -- for a tour of all her creative holiday decorating this year!

Andrea, her husband, and their two kids live in Atlanta, Georgia. Her wonderful vintage collections, her adoration of beloved reminders of family, and her eye for artful detail and display make her holiday home one of a kind and oh so special. Let's check it out!


Image via Andrea Jenkins

  • Welcome!


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    "This is our entryway," says Andrea. "The chalkboard was thrifted and is a fun way to count down the days 'til Christmas; the cards are vintage; the print is by Fred Dimeglio; and the wooden is arrow is by Hand Made Modern for Target, which I promptly painted a bright red."

    Shown here: Hand Made Modern Wood Arrow in Pine ($4.99, target.com)

  • One of a Kind


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    Andrea is a very creative collector and curates the most amazing-looking Christmas decor, using mostly vintage and secondhand items. The holidays really add up, so we can get behind that! And it also makes her home truly one of a kind!
    "I love cultivating collections, adding to them, editing them," she says. "I love bringing them out each year. I love the tradition and ritual in that." 
  • Christmas Tree Forest


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    How wonderful is Andrea's little mantel Christmas tree forest? "It wouldn't be Christmas without the little forest that lives on the mantel," says Andrea. "I started collecting these vintage bottle brush trees 13 years ago and try to add at least one each year. I know it's something my kids will always remember."

  • First Tree


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    "The little white tree on the right was my grandma's and was given to me by my mother 15 years ago. It was the tree that started the whole vintage bottlebrush tree collection!"

  • Decorations Past, Present & Future


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    "These little figurines were my mom's -- they were Christmas decorations she remembers being in their home when she was a child. I lost my mom three years ago so these are super special to me," explains Andrea. "I try really hard to incorporate as many little reminders of her as possible -- these little figurines, the quilt on the chair, ornaments on the tree. And she gifted me many of the vintage bottlebrush trees over the years. She's everywhere in my home, especially at Christmas time."

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  • Dining Room


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    "There are corners of my home that are packed with decorations and others that are more quiet. I like it when there's a little balance," says Andrea. "For our dining area, which right next to our living room, I've kept the Christmas decor at a minimum.

    "As lifelong renters, we're pretty used to making spaces work with minimal control and/or choice. I'm not a huge fan of the wall color here (I hate it, actually), but we're waiting for approval to paint it white. Until then, I have to make it work. However, I do have control over things like lighting fixtures, so one of the first things we did was exchange the generic chandelier with this pendant. It's made all the difference in the space."

    Shown here: Bentwood Pendant - Round ($199, westelm.com)

  • Centerpiece Collection


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    Love Andrea's dining room table centerpiece: a thrifted wooden tray of vintage bottlebrush trees. Simple and beautiful. 

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  • Christmas Tunes


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    "This little area with the record player might just be my favorite -- because Christmas records are my favorite! As a child of the '70s, I grew up with vinyl. It's wildly popular now, but I never gave up my records and have always had a turntable in the house. Beneath this bench just happens to be the perfect place for storing record albums!" 

    Andrea covered the inside of the record player with pink paper to bring a little more pink to the scene. Adorable!

    Shown above: Crosley Cruiser Turntable ($59.99-$80.99, target.com)

  • Decked Out


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    "This old pull-down school map has seen many, many of the homes we've lived in. The same could be said for the little aluminum tree," says Andrea. "The green piece with the skinny drawers is from my grandpa's old printing shop -- it originally held thousands of pieces of type. It's the only thing my grandma held onto after my grandpa died and she sold the shop. I love that it's now a part of our home, and it's the perfect place for the little aluminum tree."

  • Candy Decor


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    Andrea filled up one of her old cigar boxes with miniature candy canes because -- 'tis the season for candy, of course!

  • Humble Reminders


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    "I found this little nativity set 15 years ago at a junk shop in Illinois," Andrea shares. "It's sort of broken and missing some pieces, the paint is chipping off, but that's what I love about it -- that it's such a humble scene, just the way Jesus came into the world. My daughter Ava made the star, which I love more than anything."

  • Christmas Cheer


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    "I've tried to bring a little Christmas cheer to my desk in hopes it'll help me actually send my Christmas cards this year. Here's hoping."

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  • Happy Spot


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    "There's not a lot I like about our kitchen in this house. It gets very little light," says Andrea. "But there is this one window over the sink that makes me happy. Where the light streams in in the morning, where little plants seem to flourish. This is my kitchen happy spot. And the Santa mugs look perfectly at home here."

  • Vintage Santa Mugs


    Image via Andrea Jenkins

    "The Santa mugs are collected from various places -- some are from my mom, some from my grandma, some I've picked up at the thrift store over the years. This is just a fraction of the collection. I think they'd be great with little succulents in them ... maybe next year!"

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