12 Really Terrible 'Secret Santa' Gifts People Actually Received

Whether it is with our extended family, our friends, or our coworkers, doing a Secret Santa gift exchange can be a lot of fun. Usually there is a cap on the spending limit, so it is often a relatively low-cost way to spread holiday cheer within a larger group of people. Unless, of course, our secret Santa is secretly a REALLY bad gift giver. In which case, Secret Santa can be a total drag. What are we supposed to do with some of these terrible gifts?


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I know that we are always supposed to focus on the fact that it's "the thought that counts" when if comes to gifts, but I guarantee that some of these stories will make us wonder what on earth Santa was thinking! Listen, friends, anything that was a "free gift with purchase" should not be re-gifted to me. That's all I'm saying. So take back all the stolen office supplies, goldfish, and Christmas tree ornaments, because we're here to let it be known that these are not good Secret Santa gifts. Trust us on this one. 

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From gifts that are deadly to presents that are just plain weird, read on for some of the biggest gift-exchange fails we've ever heard. Secret Santa, do better next year. Okay?


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