Creative & Clever Gift Wrap Ideas That Are Almost as Cool as the Present (VIDEO)

creative and clever gift wrap ideasYou're proud of the presents you purchased, so of course you want them to look their best and maybe even stand out under the tree. Instead of using the same wrapping paper everyone else has, why not mix it up by putting your creativity to work? 


Brown paper is not only a timeless classic, it's so versatile. It looks great when embellished with ribbons, candy canes, you name it. 

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This makes you wonder why you haven't been creating your own wrap all along, right? The monogram designed with stickers and the whimsical tape make such a fun and festive statement. You put so much thought into each gift. Here's your chance to let the wrapping look as exciting as the present itself!

Images via cafemomstudios/YouTube

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