'Tis the Season to Watch a Hot Shirtless Guy Handle the Gift Wrapping (VIDEO)

sexy santaHey girl, you've had a long, hard day of picking out gifts for everyone on your holiday list and you must be exhausted. Why don't you sit down here by the fire and let me take my shirt off and wrap those gifts for you?


One of the most annoying chores of the holiday season has to be wrapping all the Christmas gifts that you have painstakingly picked out for everyone on your holiday list. You know what would make this thankless chore more endurable? A hot shirtless dude wrapping the presents for you -- and we've got just that!

Look at how slowly he slides those scissors up the paper roll, carefully and with great intent. Look at the expertise he demonstrates when he folds those corners down. Look at the time he takes to seductively remove that strip of tape off the dispenser just so and gently place it on the edge of the wrapping only to be torn off by greedy fingers come Christmas morning.

Good job, Hot Dad Wrapping Presents! Good job. 

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I don't know about you guys, but I think all our husbands and partners should be required to wrap all the gifts wearing flannel pajama pants and no shirts and Santa hats. That would make for a very Merry Christmas indeed. 


Image via CafeMedia 

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