11 Perfect Gifts for Your Pets This Holiday Season

Eunice Park | Dec 9, 2015 Home & Garden
11 Perfect Gifts for Your Pets This Holiday Season

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If you have a pet, there’s a good chance you'll be buying your furry four-legged friend a holiday gift. While dogs and cats are usually content with whatever you bestow upon them, we bet they would appreciate something special this year.

We found some perfect gifts that your pets would be excited to get their paws on -- and that you're going to love too -- from blingy collar charms to DJ scratching pad for your cat (no joke!) to yummy dog cupcakes. It’s fun to celebrate with your pet this holiday season.


Images (clockwise from top top left) via famousoto.com, uncommongoods.com, houzz.com, thundershirt.com, shopdogandco.com

  • DJ Cat Scratching Pad

    DJ Cat Scratching Pad
    Image via uncommongoods.com

    Do you have one cool cat? Let your feline get its scratch on spinning some beats on this DJ Cat Scratching Pad ($35, uncommongoods.com). The cardboard turntable is adorned with cat treat stickers (fish, of course) band stickers ("Run DOG") and is easy to put together. Sounds purrfect.

  • Gulp and Woof Dog Bowls

    Gulp and Woof Dog Bowls
    Image via houzz.com

    These charming Gulp and Woof Dog Bowls ($52.48 for set of 2, houzz.com) add playful style to meal time. Sold as a set of a water dish and a food bowl, these ceramic pieces are solid enough to stand still as your dog gulps and woofs.

  • Dog Bathrobe


    Image via bitchnewyork.com

    Everyone loves a cozy robe, and we bet your dog would enjoy lounging in one, too. This Kazuko Dog Bathrobe ($69, bitchnewyork.com) is the epitome of comfy -- it’s soft and fluffy, and has lace trim. What dog wouldn’t want to wear it morning, noon, and night?

  • Cotton Denim Pet Toy Mouse

    Cotton Denim Pet Toy
    Image via walmart.om

    What pet doesn’t like to fetch? This Cotton Denim Pet Toy Mouse ($2.64, walmart.com) is a fun perfect stocking stuffer for dogs and cats. The mouse squeaks, rattles and will offer your pet endless playtime.

  • Snowy Cupcakes


    Image via bubbarose.com

    Your pooch is in for a special treat with these moist Snowy Cupcakes ($23.99 for 6, bubbarose.com). These pretty cupcakes are made out of peanut butter and carrot cake -- a perfect snack for a medium to large dog. We bet yours will wolf (or is it woof?) them down.

  • Whistle Activity Monitor

    Whistle Activity Monitor
    Image via whistle.com

    Are you worried your dog isn’t getting enough exercise? The Whistle Activity Monitor ($79.97, whistle.com) tracks your dog’s every move. The monitor attaches to any collar and measures all activity, helping you gain perspective on your pet’s behavior (we hope it's doggone good). 

  • The ThunderShirt Classic


    Image via thundershirt.com

    Does your pet have anxiety? Look no further; the ThunderShirt Classic ($39.95, thundershirt.com) can calm your dog or cat. When this vest is wrapped around your pet, a gentle pressure similar to swaddling a baby is applied. All you have to do is observe -- and see your anxious pet transform into Mr. Calm!

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  • Dog Brick Game

     Dog Brick Game
    Image via shopdogandco.com

    Want to play mind games with your dog? The goal of Dog Brick Game ($52, shopdogandcom.com) is for your canine to discover treats or dry food under the bricks. The dog unearths the tasty nibbles by moving the bricks via paw or nose.

  • Blue Paw Mini Charm

     Blue Paw Mini Charm
    Image via bitchnewyork.com

    If you’re looking for some bling for your dog, this Blue Paw Mini Dog Charm ($17, bitchnewyork.com) is the perfect accessory to make your special four-legged friend stand out. Handcrafted and made of 100% lead-free pewter, this trinket is to sure charm all canines and canine owners alike.


  • Ice Cream Truck for Cats

    Ice Cream Truck for Cats
    Image via famousoto.com

    No one can resist an ice cream truck, not even a cat. This Ice Cream Truck for Cats ($39, famousoto.com) will give your cat innovative -- and photoworthy -- play. Made from 33% recycled cardboard, the playhouse is non-toxic, recyclable, and biodegradable, which makes it extra sweet.

  • I Love On Pink Dog Blanket


    Image via bitchnewyork.com

    If your dog enjoys being indulged, the I Love On Pink Dog Blanket ($84, bitchnewyork.com) takes it up a notch. The ultra-plush blanket is perfect for a bed or carrier and is double-sided in softness. Your dog will “heart” this blanket! 

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