Vintage-Inspired Holiday Home Tour From DIY Enthusiast Rachel Denbow (PHOTOS)

Rachel Denbow

1Welcome to my house

I have boxes and boxes of collected vintage and thrifted Christmas decor that I shop to keep our decor feeling fresh each year while still feeling nostalgic. I handmade our stockings last year after we had our third child so we could have a coordinating set and added tree trimmings to each of them to make them a touch more special. I love how easy it can be to mix vintage, thrifted, handmade, and new when you keep things within a color scheme. This year's color scheme seems to be a mix of neutrals with plenty of gold and glitter thrown around. 

Rachel Denbow

2Stockings on the stairwell

I found a darling little stuffed deer head at a boutique in OKC last year that finally has a place in the stairwell to greet the kids when they come down each morning. You might even be able to spot one of them hiding behind the stockings. 

Rachel Denbow

3Old house charm

This is our second Christmas in this rental, but we'd hardly moved in last year before it was time to decorate. This time around I feel like I know how to work with the charm of this old house instead of forcing old ideas from our last house. That means lots of fresh greenery and letting some of the house's beautiful woodwork speak for itself. 

Rachel Denbow

5Santa-watch dog

Our black lab, Sunday, is on Santa watch. 

Rachel Denbow

6Decked in garland

I purchased about eight yards of cedar garland from a local nursery to bring in that lovely Christmas aroma. I hung one over the kitchen entry and then made a few more garlands to scatter throughout the house. I also picked up some Christmas tree cut-offs from Lowe's, trimmed them down, and placed them in a few different places around the house. I love the drama and height it adds to our dining room table. 

We recently swapped out yellow fiberglass chairs for these Black Tabouret Stacking Chairs ($184 for set of 4,, and I love how easily they fit with this space. The wooden chair was a thrift find years ago and the table is from IKEA. 

Rachel Denbow

7Pretty & playful

I love incorporating a little playfulness in all of our seasonal decor and make sure to include the kids in the excitement and anticipation. We have a few countdowns to Christmas including this tear-away Santa beard that we picked up at Target in the dollar section. We keep our favorite Christmas cards from seasons past and add in the new ones as they come in this vintage wire wreath. 

Rachel Denbow

9Such a deer!

A cement lawn ornament deer was on my wish list for years before I finally found one at a flea market on a road trip three Christmases ago. I finished up the last eight hours of our drive with him carefully sitting between my knees in the front seat because the rest of our car was packed to the brim with suitcases and gifts. I was so thrilled I didn't mind one bit! This month I finally gave her a little makeover with a new coat of white paint and some gold accents. 

Rachel Denbow

10Decorations of years' past

I love the natural light we get in our dining room. We spend so much time there throughout the day during meals, finishing homework, starting new projects, etc. The DIY Felt Holiday Banner and deer antler are both decorations I made and found while we lived in Colorado and are special reminders of the Christmases we spent living in such a beautiful place. 

Rachel Denbow

12Kitchen cheer

Our kitchen is one of the house's best features. It has lovely high ceilings, great light in the mornings, and this beautiful set of built-ins that were added when the house was refurbished. I recently added some rental-friendly Removable Wallpaper in Pixel Diamonds ($54 for 20"x5' roll,, and they feel even more special now. 

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Rachel Denbow

13Christmas novelties

I filled the kitchen shelves with vintage Christmas glasses and the cheekiest Santa cookie platter I've ever seen. The cake stand was one my parents got as a wedding gift 35 years ago and was the start of a small but special collection. 

Rachel Denbow

14A seasonal twist

We utilize this little nook in our kitchen as an organization station where we keep our calendar, keys, other odds and ends, and, during the holiday season, some extra holiday bling. The DIY Acrylic Message Board, via A Beautiful Mess, doubles as a calendar.

We just added an enamel table to serve as a kitchen island. It was a vintage find of my SIL's and was given new life with a fresh set of wooden legs that her grandpa custom made. The vintage chair was purchased for $5 from an older man that used it in his workshop and didn't understand why I'd want such a beat-up old thing. It works perfectly with our new table and makes this large space feel a little more complete. 

Rachel Denbow

15Christmas countdown

Each year we get out the DIY Advent Calendar I made when our oldest was a baby. This year I added little cards that shared something we would do to share the magic of the Christmas season. Some days include holiday activities such as watching a Christmas movie and enjoying hot chocolate while others are meant to bless others. This might be baking cookies and doorbell ditching them at a neighbor's house or doing something extra helpful for their teachers. It's a fun way to enjoy this season of sharing. 

Rachel Denbow

16Vintage Santa mugs

I also finally have a little collection display built-in between the dining room and kitchen where I can show off most of the vintage Santa mugs from my collection. My MIL has gifted me the majority of these over the years and even gave us one she used as a child. They are so special and are always hand-washed after our Annual Cookies and Hot Chocolate Picnic card is pulled from the advent calendar! We learned the hard way not to put these guys in the dishwasher!

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Rachel Denbow

17'Tis the season

The best part about this season, of course, is the people I get to spend it with. While I'm so thankful for this house we get to enjoy and the ways in which we can deck these halls, it's even more exciting to enjoy the enthusiasm of little hearts that learn the magic is in the giving and receiving of love. I hope your holiday season is full of the good stuff!

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