Life Hack: How to Clean Gas Grill Grates

cleaning grill grates

This post is sponsored by the maker of ARM & HAMMER™ Super Washing Soda

Here in Arizona we use our gas grills more than we use our ovens, which unfortunately means that we usually have pretty dirty gas grills. Yuck.

I'm not a fan of harsh chemical cleaners, so I've searched for a heavy duty non-chemical cleaner I could use to clean the grates in our grill. Recently, we found that ARM & HAMMER™ Super Washing Soda–a close cousin of baking soda–works well on tough jobs! I picked some up at Walmart to use around the house because it seems to be useful for everything.


Here's how I tackled our grill.

The official ARM & HAMMER™ instructions for cleaning a grill:

To remove hardened accumulations of grease, scrub with Super Washing Soda sprinkled on a moist, stiff-bristled brush. Or soak items in a solution of ½ cup Super Washing Soda dissolved in a gallon of warm water. Rinse and dry. Do not use on aluminum surfaces.

Disconnect/turn the gas off before you begin cleaning.

Step 1: Mix a thick paste of washing soda and water for scrubbing.

Step 2: Using a scrubbing pad to dip into the paste, scrub the outer cooking edge of the grill. I found that using a lot of paste helped to clean the gunk faster. When you're done, use a damp rag to wipe the excess paste and gunk off the grill.

Step 3: Pull the grates off the grill and soak in a shallow tub as mentioned in the official directions above. If you don't have a shallow tub, place the grates in an area where the cleaning solution won't bother plants or grass. I stuck them on our rocks.

Step 4: Cover the grates with a coating of washing soda and a little bit of water, so it forms another paste coating. Let sit for a few minutes.

Step 5: Begin scrubbing grates one section at a time with a scrubbing pad or grill brush (or both!). When you're done, flip them over and go back to step #4.

Step 6: Allow the grates to dry before placing them back on the grill.

As I mentioned before, ARM & HAMMER™ Super Washing Soda is useful for cleaning so many things around the house. Here are just a few ways it can help you:

  • Laundry
  • Oven and Stovetops
  • Small Appliances
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Garden Tools
  • Window blinds
  • Garage floors and concrete
  • Showers and toilets (it is a natural water softener and dissolves hard water stains!)
  • Garbage cans

What is your toughest household item to clean?


Becca Ludlum is mom to two boys ages 10 and 14 and writes at My Crazy Good Life. She lives in the Arizona desert with her sons, husband, two dogs, and a bearded dragon named Billy. 

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