18 Sanity-Saving Secrets to Taking Back Your Christmas

less stressful Christmas holidayDecember has just started, and I know a lot of you are stressed out. How can I tell? By the fact that you are wrinkling your pretty little foreheads and not having any fun at present because you are worried about money; how many cookies you have to bake; if you will be able to find the impossible-to-find, nearly-sold-out toy your kid really, really wants for Christmas; and/or dealing with your hyper-critical sister-in-law who is bound to try and ruin your holiday. 


I don't worry about any of these things -- mainly because a few years ago I decided I wanted to actually enjoy my holiday and not stress about not enjoying my holiday. Here are some super-simple tricks that have always helped me.


Images via Kaspars Grinvalds/shutterstock; AlexMaster/shutterstock

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