7 Easy Ways to Get Your Deck, Yard & Garage Winter-Ready

deck furniture

Sadly, summer is over. The leaves are changing, backpacks are back, and football games are on. And though fall has a lot to offer, we still tend to look outdoors with longing, keeping that deck furniture out for just one more week, just in case we get a nice, warm day.

We know that summer won’t be back for a long time. But we also know if we don’t do our outdoor clean-up soon, it’s never going to happen!

Here are some quick tips for winterizing your outdoor areas. Just remember, nothing self-cleans, so don’t put it away dirty! All it takes is a little bit of time, and a little Arm & Hammer™ Super Washing Soda to make summer’s return a whole lot easier!


What outdoor items do you always forget to clean at the end of summer?

Image ©iStock.com/sever180

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