12 Lovely Holiday Gifts You Can Easily DIY

Caroline Olney | Nov 25, 2015 Home & Garden

DIY holiday gifts
Nothing zaps holiday cheer faster and more efficiently than that first look into your bank account on January 2. Gift-giving is all good intentions -- you just want your partner/best friend/mother/second grade teacher to have the best out there! -- but that kind of good will can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.

Thankfully, the DIYers are here to save Christmas once again: The Internet's creative folks never run out of awesome, homemade gift ideas. There are literally millions of great ideas out there, but here are some of our favorites for every kind of person in your life. You might need to buy some materials, but we're pretty sure these will be cheaper than that $200 pasta maker you were eyeing for your mother-in-law.


Images (clockwise from top left) via sugarandcloth.com, abeautifulmess.com, itsalwaysautumn.com, makeit-loveit.com, iheartnaptime.net, Kelly Joy Ladd

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