12 Lovely Holiday Gifts You Can Easily DIY

Caroline Olney | Nov 25, 2015 Home & Garden
12 Lovely Holiday Gifts You Can Easily DIY

DIY holiday gifts
Nothing zaps holiday cheer faster and more efficiently than that first look into your bank account on January 2. Gift-giving is all good intentions -- you just want your partner/best friend/mother/second grade teacher to have the best out there! -- but that kind of good will can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.

Thankfully, the DIYers are here to save Christmas once again: The Internet's creative folks never run out of awesome, homemade gift ideas. There are literally millions of great ideas out there, but here are some of our favorites for every kind of person in your life. You might need to buy some materials, but we're pretty sure these will be cheaper than that $200 pasta maker you were eyeing for your mother-in-law.


Images (clockwise from top left) via sugarandcloth.com, abeautifulmess.com, itsalwaysautumn.com, makeit-loveit.com, iheartnaptime.net, Kelly Joy Ladd

  • Paint Dipped Wood Candle Holder


    Image via abeautifulmess.com

    These fab Paint Dipped Balsa Wood Candle Holders from A Beautiful Mess have so many great things going for them: They're warm and bright, cheap and easy to put together, and totally customizable to whatever size candle you want to work with. Love, love, and love.

  • Tassel Bookmarks


    Image via Kelly Joy Ladd

    Kelly Joy Ladd's Ultra-Plush Tassel Bookmarks will cost you $10 start to finish, making them a great gift to give in bulk (say hello to your new favorite bookmark, all 23 second grade teachers/bus drivers/nurses we have to gift this year). They'd also be special and sweet customized, stuffed in stockings, or inside books you're also gifting. Really, the possibilities are endless.

  • Fringed Flannel Throw Blanket


    This cozy DIY Fringed Flannel Throw looks like something Urban Outfitters would sell for $58 this season, doesn't it? Yep, well, it turns out you can make it for about $10, and It's Always Autumn has the how-to. We're also seeing serious blanket scarf potential here, but maybe that's just us ...

  • Leather Tool Roll


    Image via cailamade.com

    You're doing so much DIY-ing with all this gift-giving that you deserve a cool and classy place to store your tools. We fell in love with Caila Made's Leather Tool Roll DIY as soon as we saw it. Maaaybe you love someone enough to make this for them. Maybe.

  • Compound Butters


    Image via iheartnaptime.net

    Compound butters are so absurdly easy to make it's like ... why do we even eat plain butter anyway? But you can use the fact that no one ever thinks to make them to your advantage this holiday and gift a million of these little jars to everyone you know. Need a recipe? I Heart Naptime's got you covered with their Sweet and Savory Compound Butter recipes.

  • Sugar Cookie Sacks


    These Sugar Cookie Sacks look like holiday cheer burst off the metaphysical plain and into your gift basket, and we want a ten thousand of them. The best part is that Celebrate Creativity hid store-bought cookie mix in her homemade sacks to make it cleaner and easier to deal with. Plus, you can gift these to people you don't know as well without them having to worry about getting your germs.

  • Wooden Phone Amplifier Speakers


    Image via makeit-loveit.com

    Remember when, a few years ago, someone figured out you could stick your phone in a glass to amplify the sound? The premise stands here, but boy have we come a long way -- Make It Love It's Wooden Phone Amplifier/Speaker is just a couple of pieces of wood glued together, but we think it looks way nicer than our expensive, wired and batteried speakers.

  • Etched Cutting Boards


    Image via designmom.com

    We had never really considered customizing cutting boards, but Design Mom shows us with her Etched Cutting Boards that it's actually a pretty easy process, and the result is sooo worth it. You can buy etching tools pretty cheap online (we're talking like $15 here) and a cheap-ish cutting board, and turn it into an awesome, custom gift.

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  • Aftershave


    Image via fellowfellow.com

    Here's one for the men in your life: DIY All-Natural Aftershave. It's patchouli and petitgrain scented, and has aloe, witch hazel, and glycerin in it. Basically, it smells good, looks good, and is really good for skin.

  • Mini Mountain Photo Holders


    Image via sugarandcloth.com

    Sugar & Cloth's DIY Mini Mountain Photo Holders are sweet and simple to make. We have dreams of these babies decorating all of our shelves and desks ... don't you??

  • Leather Passport Holder


    Image via alwaysrooney.com

    Maybe you can't buy a trip to Paris for you and all your girlfriends, but you can definitely make Passport Holders instead. Always Rooney has the DIY instructions and it's so easy, we're embarrassed we've been travelling so long without it.

  • Hand Warmers


    Image via raeannkelly.com

    It only takes a basic sew-and-stuff process to get these DIY Hand Warmers from Rae Ann Kelly, and they'll keep little fingers (and adult fingers) warm all winter long. If you make the "stay cozy" pouch, too, we can basically guarantee everyone will love you. How could they not?!

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