11 Brave Renters Spill Their Most Bizarre Landlord Stories (PHOTOS)

key exchange People love to say that home ownership is the American dream, but there can be a lot to love about being a renter. On the upside, renting means not being responsible for expensive home repairs, and having the freedom to move out at the end of a lease. In some cities, renting can be the most affordable and convenient option. But -- and you know there has to be a but -- renting means that you are at the mercy of a landlord.


While there are surely some fantastic landlords out there, we're here today to talk about the creepy, the nosy, and the actual clowns of the rental world. So buckle up and brace yourself for a whole lot of crazy as 11 brave renters spill the beans on the world's worst and weirdest landlords.


Image via iStock.com/mikkelwilliam

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