11 Sweet & Stylish Ways to Turn Family Photos Into Treasured Gifts

11 Sweet & Stylish Ways to Turn Family Photos Into Treasured Gifts

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The people who love you and your family absolutely love photo gifts. A lovely portrait or family photo is probably one of the most treasured gifts of all time. So why not take it up a notch this year?

We've found 11 amazing photo gifts that are way, way better than just your average photograph or photo in a frame. Take a look!


Images (clockwise from top left) via tinyprints.com, minted.com, origrami.com, pinholepress.com, paperculture.com, paperculture.com, boomf.com

  • Wood Calendar


    Custom photo calendars have been a holiday gifting fave for years, but this handcrafted Wood Calendar ($29.99, artifactuprising.com) turns this year's custom calendar into a handsome work of art. A great way to turn your best photography -- or digital files of the kids' artwork -- into a beautiful 12-month gift. Comes equipped with magnetic backing for easy fridge display. 

  • Boomf Photo Marshmallows


    If this isn't genius, we don't know what is: The faces of your loved ones printed on marshmallows. Marshmallows! A box of nine Boomf Photo Marshmallows ($25, boomf.com), mixes up personalized treats with other cute holiday-themed mallows -- and if that's not enough to sell you on the idea, you should know that the man behind this company is none other than Kate Middleton's brother James!

  • Custom Silhouette Art Print


    Here, your uploaded photo can be turned into a gorgeous Custom Silhouette Art Print ($41-$104, minted.com). They're the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, or pet lovers who also love bold design. Available in foil-pressed, letter press, or printed standard in many colors. There are several frame styles to choose from too. 

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  • Bamboo Wall Art Panels


    Framed photos are so 2015. This year, consider gifting your favorite photo mounted onto a lovely Bamboo Wall Art Panel ($79.99, paperculture.com). Each panel is made from 3/4 inch bamboo plywood, and a tree is planted for every order. The finished product is clean, minimal, seriously good looking!

  • Kubelets Photo Cubes


    Whether you use them as toys or to decorate your mantle, a set of three bamboo Kubelets Photo Blocks ($28.99, paperculture.com) comes with 12 fabric decals printed with your favorite photos that can be arranged (and rearranged) any way you like!

  • Custom Cookie Cutter


    Ok, these are straight amazeballs! How fun would it be to buy a Custom Cookie Cutter ($50, Copypastry/etsy.com) in your kid's likeness and then bake both sets of grandparents some Grandkid Cookies. Best. Gift. Ever! (And don't forget aunties, uncles, godparents, and anyone else who loves your kid!) Just upload any photo and they'll send you the custom cutter.

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  • Custom Family Portrait


    Here's a unique gift idea for your wife, husband, the grandparents, or others! Send in a photo of a couple or the whole fam and get a fantastic Custom Family Portrait (about $80 for 8.5" x 11”, Henry James Paper Goods/etsy.com) in return. Price is based on the number of people or pets and any other additional elements. This will be someone's favorite gift this year for sure!

  • Heartfelt Hello Personalized iPhone Cases


    We all carry our loved ones around in our hearts, but why not carry their sweet little faces around on our iPhone cases too? These Heartfelt Hello Personalized iPhone Cases in Lemon ($44.99-$54.99, tinyprints.com) are available for multiple iPhone models. 

  • Metal Prints


    Turn your favorite digital shots into these industrial-chic Metal Prints (starting at $10, socialprintstudio.com) and gift them all around. Their clean, modern design shows off your images and goes with any decor.

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  • Mini Photo Magnets


    Parents and grandparents alike can use good magnets for displaying their kids' and grandkids' artwork on the fridge. And these Mini Photo Magnets (appx $11 USD, origrami.com) are the very best kind of magnet. Print from Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, or straight from your photo library.

  • Mini Book of Names & Faces


    We love this Mini Book of Names & Faces ($34.99, pinholepress.com) for all the toddlers on your shopping list this year. The tiny tots will love browsing through the faces and learning to say the names of all the important people (and pets! and places!) in their lives.

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