16 Unique & Handmade Etsy Gifts to Wow Your Loved Ones

16 Unique & Handmade Etsy Gifts to Wow Your Loved Ones

unique gifts found on etsyThe Etsy marketplace makes for fabulous year-round shopping, but it's even more fun to shop on the site during the holiday season when you need to find gifts for all your favorite, one-of-a-kind friends and family members. To help you get started, we've done tons of window shopping and found some unique gift ideas for everyone on your holiday gift list.

From lovely handcrafted gifts to nifty customized goods, there's something here for everyone and every budget. Take a look and start shopping!


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  • Organic Man Hand Scrub


    Have a brother who builds fancy motorcycles for a living? Or maybe your handyman dad isn't, let's just say, moisturizer inclined? Gift them a tub of this Organic Man Hand Scrub ($17.99, Badgerface Beauty Supply/etsy.com). Ingredients include organic aloe butter for softening, grapeseed oil for healing, and pumice and sea salt for exfoliating and getting out the grime. Plus, the lemon & rosemary essential oils will make everyone forget he does gross stuff with his hands.

  • Handmade Felt MacBook Air Laptop Sleeve


    Maybe your sister works remotely -- meaning in every coffee shop in a five-mile radius of her house -- or your graphic designer friend never leaves the office without his MacBook on his hip. Well, these two can never have too many laptop sleeves! Check out this durable but lightweight Handmade Felt MacBook Air Laptop Sleeve ($17, FeltSJie/etsy.com). Great looking, right? Other sizes and monogramming available!

  • Trashy Romance Novel Soy Candle


    She introduced you to Fifty Shades of Grey and never told a soul that you also read Darker and Freed! Celebrate your trashy novel bond by gifting your pal a Trashy Romance Novel Soy Candle ($18, Frostbeard Studio/etsy.com). What's it smell like? Sex on the Beach (peachy) and Love Spell (floral), of course!

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  • Handmade Stoneware House Numbers


    For your favorite friends who bought their dream house in the 'burbs this year, check out these extra-special Handmade Stoneware House Numbers ($16 each, j clay pottery/etsy.com). These numbers are hand formed, floral-pattern textured, and dipped in birch white. The perfect finishing touch for brand-new digs!

  • Sterling Silver Cube Studs


    For your sister or bestie who puts the sparkle in your life, how about a chic pair of these Tiny Flat Sterling Silver Cube Studs ($19.95, Femme Mecanique Designs/etsy.com)? They're hammered and polished for beautiful texture and depth. And each pair is unique, just like her.

  • Personalized Enamel Mugs


    For that outdoorsy couple who loves to hike off into the great unknown, may we suggest a couple of these lovey-dovey, vintage-style Personalized Enamel Mugs ($36 for 2 mugs, Meriwether of Montana/etsy.com)? They're durable and can be tied to backpacks for easy access.

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  • Small Reclaimed Wood Wall Art


    For the cousin who's constantly plastic-water-bottle shaming you at your kids' birthday parties, here's a recycled gift of the best kind. This Small Reclaimed Wood Wall Art ($50, Adrift in My Mind/etsy.com) is made from oak flooring reclaimed from an old home in Texas. It's quirky and beautiful -- and eco-friendly.

  • Handmade Leather Travel Book


    Have you ever seen a better-looking journal for jotting down one's adventures? This Handmade Leather Travel Book ($55, Buntmal/etsy.com) includes a place for a pen, really cool pockets for postcards, Polaroids and whatnot, plus 200+ pages to fill with writing. It can also be personalized with initials or a city, if you wish. A great joint holiday + bon voyage gift!

  • The Clerk V60 Coffee Pour Over Stand


    Don't let this contraption scare you. It actually makes a damn good cup of coffee, and it's insanely simple to use. Your coffee snob husband will worship the ground you walk on if you gift him The Clerk V60 Coffee Pour Over Stand ($179, The Coffee Registry/etsy.com). Don't forget good coffee to go with it -- and to get your order in first every morning!

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  • Foodie Dice


    The perfect hostess gift (particularly if your hostess is addicted to food blogs and farmer's markets), this Foodie Dice: Seasonal Dinners Pouch ($24.99, TwoTmbleweeds/etsy.com) turns the dreaded chore of deciding what to make for dinner into a game of chance. Just pick your five primary dice (protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, and a bonus ingredient), add a seasonal veggie, and roll to discover the menu!

  • Custom Dog Illustration


    For the devoted dog mom (or dad) on your list: a Custom Dog Portrait ($40, SaccoStudios/etsy.com) will earn a permanent place on their wall -- and it'll earn you a permanent place in the gift-giving history. 

  • Bathtub Caddy


    You can't give the gift of a stress-free year, but you can help a special someone sit back, relax and say ahhhhh with this Royal Craft Wood Bathtub Caddy ($59.99, SwanSignature/etsy.com). Made from bamboo and other assorted woods, it has space for everything from an iPad or book to candles to a cocktail (oh yeah, and soap). 

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  • Essential Oil Diffuser


    Science-minded types (not to mention anybody who likes cool stuff) will love this ingenius Chemistry Designer Essential Oil Diffuser Set ($75, QuarterSaw/etsy.com), which uses a candle to warm the essential oil in a beaker and fills your home with the scent of your choice (comes with 5 ml of lavender essential oil). 

  • Best Friend Key Chain Set


    Celebrate the tie that binds you to your BFF with this Best Friend Key Chain Set ($35, curiouscatfish/etsy.com), which is a much more convenient way to remind her of your friendship than actually tying a red string to your finger every day.

  • Ceramic Hanging Planter


    Those with green thumbs and a love for quirky, minimalist design will put this White Ceramic Hanging Planter ($36.88, BerriesforBella/etsy.com) to brilliant use. Sort of like a grown-up version of a Chia Pet, except way more chic!

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  • Star Wars Cutting Board


    Who couldn't use a little intergalactic culinary inspiration? With this Star Wars Cutting Board ($24, AlgisCrafts/etsy.com), even the most reluctant of chefs will be forced to follow Yoda's sage advice. 

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