The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Awesome Picks Under $25

Sheri Reed | Nov 23, 2015 Home & Garden
The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Awesome Picks Under $25

gifts under 25 dollars'Tis the season for gift giving! Not sure about you, but we LOVE finding the perfect gifts for all of our favorite people. It's the very best of feelings. Of course, the length of that gift list and our budget don't always add up quite the way we'd like them to! 

May we offer our extraordinarily awesome gift guide of 25 (!!!) gift ideas under $25 a pop! We did all the finding of the fun things so all you have to do is move them to your shopping cart, wait for them to arrive, and wrap them up real pretty. Done!


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  • Winter Vanilla Hand Cream ($10)


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    This Winter Vanilla Hand Cream ($10, makes a beautiful gift. Full of shea butter, vitamins, and minerals and scented with vanilla, sandalwood, and bourbon, that's a whole lot of fantastic things in one lovely little tube. 

  • Sob Handkerchief Set ($12)


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    This Sob Handkerchief Set ($12, can come in handy in so many of life's little situations. The struggle is real. The hanky set includes: Hot Mess, Fake Tears, and Ugly Crying.

  • Gentle Reminders Pencils ($12)


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    We can all use a soft little nudge in our busy lives, especially one that reminds us about being our best selves. These Gentle Reminders Pencils in Mint and Gold ($12 for set of 6, ACD Designs/ make a fun gift. They're printed with all the goodies: Be Smart, Be Charming, Be Kind, Be Stylish, Be Silly, and Be Fabulous. 

  • The Evolution of Beyoncé: A Colouring Book ($12)


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    Sometimes we just need to spend a rainy afternoon proving we're 'Crazy in Love' with Queen B. Coloring the pages of this The Evolution of Beyoncé: A Colouring Book ($15 CAD or appx. $12 USD, -- from Baby Beyoncé and Destiny's Child to Sasha Fierce and Blue Ivy's mama -- will do the trick. Give the gift of Beyoncé love this year.

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  • Camila Initial Bracelet ($15)


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    Simple and pretty and yet oh-so-personal, this Camila Initial Bracelet ($15, Minthologie Studio/ is the just-right gift for someone special. Choose 14k gold fill, sterling silver, 14k rose gold fill, or gold, silver, or rose gold plated brass.

  • Pebble Tape Measure ($18)


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    Manly enough for a guy, pretty enough for a gal, and so darn practical, we love this Pebble Tape Measure ($18, Choose Cedar or Sand.

  • Mini Dot Napkin Gift Set ($19)


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    Adorable as a hostess gift, as part of a larger gift basket, or just on their own, this Mini Dot Napkin Gift Set ($19, makes a stylishly sweet gift. 

  • Lay It on Me Smartphone Speaker ($19)


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    Here's a cool, portable gift for anyone who insists on bumping their playlists, podcasts, and Internet radio stations on the go. This Lay It On Me Smartphone Speaker ($19, takes any music streaming from your device -- Apple or Android -- and plays it through the speaker. Completely cordless and great for the office or travel.

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  • Flame Blackened Coffee Scoop ($22)


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    The perfect present for making the perfect cup of coffee, this handcrafted cherry wood Flame Blackened Coffee Scoop ($22, holds enough for two cups of coffee. No more guesswork. What a gift! 

  • I Can't Quit You Keytag ($15)


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    You already know who this gift is for! We don't have to tell you who deserves to receive this I Can't Quit You Keytag in Toffee Ash ($15, And we hope you never ever have to quit them.

  • InstaFlash Phone Light ($16)


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    Help your friends light up their selfies, photos, vlogs, and lives with this nice InstaFlash Phone Light ($16, Plugs right into the phone's audio jack.

  • Le Pavilion Thermal Mug ($18)


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    It's adorable, it's Kate Spade, and it's useful every. Single. Day. The Le Pavilion Thermal Mug ($18, is a no-brainer gift for any sophisticate on your gift list.

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  • Geometric Copper Scarf Holder ($18)


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    We love the look of this modern Geometric Copper Scarf Holder ($18, Hang it anywhere for (pretty) access to scarves, ties, or other accessories -- gorgeous!

  • Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve ($18)


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    A great eco-friendly pick for coffee and tea drinkers, check out this handsome, handmade Stoned Oil Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve ($18, Echo Six Designs/ Just snap it on and no more unnecessary cardboard sleeves. They can be personalized too!

  • Beaded Pouches ($19)


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    These Beaded Pouches ($19, are made near Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, on small looms. Standout unique for everyday but also downright elegant for evening.

  • Japanese Ceramic Mug ($19)


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    This Japanese Ceramic Mug ($19, is a gift that celebrates living (and sipping) simply and mindfully.

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  • LATTJO Strike & Target Game ($19.99)


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    Not just for kiddos, this LATTJO Strike and Target Game ($19.99, is great for coordination skills and those much-needed Internet breaks. 

  • Cast Bronze 6-in-1 Hammer ($20)


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    So many tools in one! What's not to want? This Cast Bronze 6-in-1 Hammer ($20, is a hammer, a claw, and four screwdrivers all in one. What a mighty fine gift! 

  • Threshold Oversize Plaid Throw ($20)


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    This Threshold Oversize Plaid Throw ($20, is a soft and stylish snuggly for anyone on your gift list. 

  • Copper Bike Bell ($20)


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    This Copper Bike Bell ($20, makes us so happy and it's not even riding on a bicycle yet. Play matchmaker and gift one of these bells to your favorite two-wheeling friend. It'll be love. 

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  • Glitter Tart Server ($24)


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    Well, this certainly strikes our fancy! This Glitter Tart Server ($24, is a must-give for the sparkle lover in your life. Available in silver or gold glitter. 

  • Decorated Hobstar Glassware ($24)


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    This Decorated Hobstar Glassware ($24 for set of 4, looks far more luxurious and expensive than it is. Our favorite kind of gift.

  • Orb Copper Shaker ($24.95)


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    This on-trend Orb Copper Shaker ($24.95, is an amateur mixologist's dream present. So go prepare to make some dreams come true already.

  • Yoda Slippers ($24.99)


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    Just as Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters, Yoda Slippers ($24.99, can hit your shopping cart. Loved, your gift will be.

  • Thermos Stainless King Beverage Bottle ($24.99)


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    If there was ever a dapper beverage container, certainly it's this Thermos Stainless King Beverage Bottle ($24.99, Maintains cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Dapper and brilliant, oh yes. 

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