17 Roommate Horror Stories From Women Who (Barely) Survived Them (PHOTOS)

women fighting screamingMy roommate's name was Rebecca, and the college housing lottery had thrown us together. She seemed nice at first -- and then things got weird. She never cleaned. She set 17 alarm clocks to wake up for classes but slept through them all. She pulled all-nighters, and her mom would drive two hours to help keep her up. I've never had a relationship that went from friendly to hostile quite as fast as ours did.


The reality is that roommates can be either awesome or awful, and it doesn't seem like there is much in between. So whether you are still living in roommate hell or just want to reminisce about those days, read on for some of the most horrifying roommate stories we've ever heard (#8 is a DOOZY). You might just realize the roommate who always stole your food wasn't that bad after all.

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