10 Houses That Are Doing Halloween Light Shows Oh So Right (VIDEOS)

halloween light show 2015I'm the kind of mom who thinks putting some pumpkins out by the front door and leaving the light on for trick-or-treaters is a totally reasonable amount of Halloween decorating. Or, at least I used to think that, until I saw the videos below and realized that people are into Halloween and aren't afraid to blow the electric bill to show it.


These videos have it all: lights, music, ghosts, goblins, and even a dose of Disney villainy in my number-one choice. So turn up your speakers and enjoy the top 10 Halloween light shows of 2015!

10. Who Ya Gonna Call?


9. Can a House Do the Nae-Nae?


8. Get Funky for Halloween



7. This is Halloween


6. Spooky and Scary


5. Going Downtown


4. Thrilling!


3. Monster Mashing


2. Creepy and Kooky


1. A Villainous Good Time


Happy Halloween!


Image via KJ92508 / YouTube

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