How Often Should You Clean Your Cell Phone?

How many times a day do you touch your cell phone? And just as important, what are you touching before and after you use it? If you're wondering if you should be cleaning your phone more often, the answer is most likely a resounding yes. We asked housekeeping consultant Leslie Reichert, the Green Cleaning Coach, to give us the nitty-gritty on keeping your phone clean.


First, the bad news: How dirty is that thing, anyway? "Your cell phone may have as much bacteria as a toilet," Reichert warns. We touch our phones all the time, often without thinking about what we just touched before. So we really ought to clean that phone daily.

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Just like cleaning a computer keyboard, you'll want to lightly spritz a clean microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe your phone, all over.

In addition to that, once a week or so remove the cover or case and clean what's under that as well. All kinds of gunk can get trapped inside.

Just a couple minutes a day can make that smartphone even smarter.


Image via Andrey_Popov/shutterstock; pexels

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