How Often Should You Clean Your Computer Keyboard?

Your fingers touch those keys nearly every single day. When was the last time you cleaned your laptop or computer keyboard? Ooh, it's been a while, hasn't it? We asked housekeeping consultant Leslie Reichert, the Green Cleaning Coach, how often to clean it -- and how to do it safely.


How often you clean your keyboard depends on where it is and who else uses it. If you're the only one who uses it, you should clean your keyboard once a week. If you're sharing it with your family members, you may want to clean it as often as every day

Think about it: Where have your son's hands been all day? Do you make everyone wash their hands before jumping on the computer? Probably not.

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You don't want to damage anything cleaning with liquids, but it doesn't take much to spruce up those keys. To clean your keyboard, lightly spritz a clean microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe the surface. Alternatively you can put some hand sanitizer on the cloth and clean with that.

Next, put a touch of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab -- make sure it's not overly wet and that you squeeze out any excess liquid before wiping the keyboard -- and run that in between the keys. The alcohol should dry very quickly.

Now relax and type away knowing your keyboard isn't spreading germs.


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