How Often Should You Clean or Replace Your Bath Loofah?

How dirty could your bath loofah possibly be? You use it with soap. Doesn't that keep it pretty clean? We wish! We got the brutal truth on how often we should be replacing those synthetic scrubbers from housekeeping consultant Leslie Reichert, the Green Cleaning Coach. You'll probably want to swap yours out as soon as you finish reading this.


Those synthetic scrubbers we use in the shower are also harboring bacteria and germs, especially since they never dry out completely. Reichert says you can keep yours a month at the most before tossing it in the trash, but sooner if it smells.

You could try microwaving it, like the kitchen sponge, but it might melt. I wash mine in the washing machine, but Reichert says it still needs to dry out completely (preferably in the sun) for that wash to be effective.

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A washcloth (which you allow to dry out between showers and change every other day) is an alternative to the loofah. So is natural loofah or a natural sponge, though again those need to dry thoroughly, preferably in sunlight. Bottom line, what goes into the loofah stays in the loofah unless you're meticulous about rinsing well and drying completely.


Image via Beth Swanson/shutterstock

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