How Often Should You Wash Your Kitchen Towels & Rugs?

You only ever use your kitchen towels to wipe your hands after washing them, so how dirty could they be? Oh ... pretty darn grimy, actually. Those towels see a lot more action than you'd think. Here's how often you should be changing them. And did we mention that kitchen rug could use some cleaning as well? 


We talked with housekeeping consultant Leslie Reichert, the Green Cleaning Coach, about how often we should change those kitchen towels and what to do with your crumb-strewn rug as well.

First of all, a warning to all you pet owners. "If you've got a towel hanging off the oven or a cabinet hook, your dog may be coming by and licking the food off," Reichert says. Maybe keep it in a place where it can't be so easily reached by furry friends.

Regardless, you should swap out your kitchen towel every day. You may be using it to dry your hands after washing them, but chances are everyone else in the house is using it to wipe up all manner of other gunk.

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As for when kitchen towels need to be thrown away, Reichert says that depends on how it looks. If it's threadbare, it's time to let it go.

Wash any kitchen rugs about once a week and let them dry completely before putting them back down again. Likewise, whenever you wash the floor underneath your rugs, again, make sure the floor is completely dry before placing them back down. This is especially important with rubber-backed rugs, which can stick to the floor like glue.

The topic of kitchen rugs can get highly controversial, I know. But my personal philosophy is not to keep any at all. It's just a whole lot easier to clean the floor itself than it is to deal with the floor and rugs. Tile floors do get cold, but that's why we have slippers!


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