5 Awesome Hacks To Keep Your Home Clean & Heathy

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Can you believe it’s fall already? I can’t! But I’m totally okay with it since it’s my favorite time of year. Summer was awesome and a great intro into what is going to be a great fall too! With fall comes cold and flu season, so today I’m sharing five awesome hacks to keep your home clean and healthy.


One of the things that keeps me centered is a clean home. I’m the type of person that is all in when it comes to organizing and cleaning, but like most of us, I have limited time to get everything done each day. That’s why these hacks make such a big difference in my life. These are all things that I’ve learned over the years and they all save time, my sanity and keep my house clean and my family healthy. 

Hack #1: Don’t pick a day to get all your cleaning done. Instead do a little each day. This saves you time, but also keeps your home cleaner and stops the spread of germs. If one of your family members catches a cold and touches the kitchen counter on Monday and you don’t clean the kitchen till Wednesday that is two days to contaminate the whole family. Wipe down popular surface areas at least twice a day to keep your home healthy.

Hack #2: Make it easy. I was so excited the day that I discovered wipes that already have cleaning products in them, like CLOROX Disinfecting Wipes. They are available at The Home Depot so you can easily pick some up whenever you are there. I keep these on the counter so that they are easy to reach and use. I wipe counter tops, door knobs (both indoor ones like the bathroom and ones leading into the house), stair rails and more with them. It makes cleaning so much easier when you don’t have to grab paper towels and spray when you are in a hurry and just want to do a quick clean up.

Hack #3: Keep everything you need in one place in each room. This one helps so much! Just like hack #2, keeping supplies where you need them saves time and motivates me to get some cleaning done even when I only have a couple moments. I keep a container with cleaning products that are specifically for that room in each room. In my bedroom I have a floor cleaner just for hardwood floors and in the bathrooms we have bathroom specific cleaners. No more searching for where the shower cleaner went!

Hack #4: Use the right supplies. Find what you like and what works best for you and your family and stock up now. The worst thing is when you or a family member catches a cold or the flu and having to run out for supplies. I keep everything I need on hand before this happens so that I can increase my cleaning efforts so that it doesn’t spread to others.

Hack #5: Enlist help. Have everyone in the family help out. Show everyone in the family how to clean as they go. Wipe down their bathroom counters each morning and night and other cleaning tasks. Once it becomes part of their routine everyone benefits.

Everything we need to keep our home healthy and clean can be found at your local Home Depot. They have a huge cleaning supply area and I love that I can buy what I need in bigger containers which means less time shopping and more time enjoying my home with my family.

What are your cleaning hacks?

Heather Delaney Reese from It's a Lovely Life is an inspirational storyteller and lifestyle writer who loves food, travel, So Cal, tech, Disney & family adventures! 

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