How Often Should You Replace Your Kitchen Sponge?

The typical kitchen sponge does a lot of work every day, cleaning counters and washing our dishes. And man does it get funky, fast! If you're paying attention you've probably noticed. So how often should you replace it? We talked with housekeeping consultant Leslie Reichert, the Green Cleaning Coach, to find out.


"A damp kitchen sponge is a great playground for bacteria and germs," Reichert says. At the end of a day's work your kitchen sponge is officially gross.

So! After using one, rinse it and wring out every bit of water you can so it can dry out. It's the dark and moisture that keep bacteria growing. Every night, put it in the microwave for a few minutes to kill the bacteria. How long you leave it in there depends on your oven, but Reichert says when it starts steaming it's good.

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You should replace your sponge at least once a week, more often depending on the messes you clean up. For example, if you're wiping up after raw chicken maybe throw it away that night.

Reichert recommends color coding, so you use one color/sponge to wipe up counters and another color/sponge to wash dishes and avoid cross-contamination. She likes using Sparkle Sponges "because they have their own timer" -- you know you're done with them when they lose their sparkle. 

And there you go. Keep a fresh sponge so it can do a more effective job at keeping your kitchen clean.


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