Sneak Peek at How Interior Designer Nate Berkus Really Lives -- Hint: Gorgeously (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Sep 9, 2015 Home & Garden

Nate Berkus' family room You could probably already have guessed that a home shared by two interior designers would be pretty spectacular, but Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's Manhattan apartment is even more beautiful than we imagined! 

The couple, who welcomed their daughter, Poppy, earlier this year, invited Architectural Digest in for a tour of the Greenwich Village apartment they decorated together with their signature impeccable taste.

We even get a glimpse at Poppy's nursery and playroom! These rooms are so welcoming, they seem to beckon you to come in and sit down. Just look at their living room (pictured above) and tell me you wouldn't love to share a glass of wine with the pair or take a nap on that sofa! Now if only we'd get an invitation!


Image via Douglas Friedman/Architectural Digest

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