See the 100-Square-Foot Apartment Someone Actually Pays Over $1K to Rent (VIDEO)

tiny apartmentEveryone knows real estate in Manhattan is among the most expensive in the world, so just what lengths would you go to to have a little (emphasis on "little") place of your own in the Big Apple? Well, one man is willing to pay $1,100 per month for 100 square feet, and you have to see just how small it is to appreciate it!


We've all heard about the tiny house craze, but, jeez, those places look like palaces compared to this! 

Warning: This video is not for the claustrophobic. (True confession: I was backing away from the computer screen just watching it!) 

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Call me fussy, but I'd have a hard time enjoying any dining experience when my toilet is in full view. Ugh. A cook by trade, the occupant, Grayson Altenberg, says he makes most of his meals at the Lincoln Center restaurant where he works.

But still, this poor guy, he looks like he's about 6'2", doesn't he? As long as he's happy we guess that's the main thing. He does manage to make it sound enchanting when he says Central Park is his living room, but what happens when it's raining or your guests from out of town can't find you in your 843-acre "living room" that just happens to be open to the public? 

Everyone loves a short commute, we get it, but still, could you live like this to roll out of bed (albeit into your shower) and arrive at work in no time? No thank you! 


Image via Voice Media Group / Vimeo

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