Julia Roberts Knows How to Decorate a Fabulous NYC Penthouse (PHOTOS)

Julia Roberts Knows How to Decorate a Fabulous NYC Penthouse (PHOTOS)

Julia Roberts pentouseIt looks like the pretty woman is looking to simplify her life. Just months after listing her spectacular beachfront estate in Kauai for a whopping $29.85 million, Julia Roberts has put her style-savvy West Village penthouse on the market for $4.5 million. Wow, that is some crazy, combined payday! Have no fear, though, the Oscar-winning actress still has plenty of properties in her portfolio, including additional homes in NYC and Hawaii

The three-bedroom, three-bath penthouse is as dazzling as Julia's famous smile. It's airy, modern and sleek, yet also has hip, earthy details. Hmmm, sounds a lot like Julia! 

One of the property's greatest assets is the outdoor living and entertaining space offered by the roomy terrace -- always a bonus in NYC. I guess it's also pretty cool to be able to say "Julia slept here!"

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  • Welcome!


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    The entryway shows off the home's warm-cool aesthetic. The grey walls contrast the golden hard wood floors beautifully. Loving the large-scale sexy artwork!

  • Peek at the Living Room


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    The entryway opens up to a view of the living and dining rooms, as well as a peek at the kitchen. There's a boldness to the home's decor: clean, sharp lines with glossy, reflective details. 

  • Formal Living Room


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    The formal living room plays white off grey with blue accents for a cool, sophisticated color palette. The fireplace warms it all up, as does the seagrass rug and the view from the terrace.

  • A Hint of the Den


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    This shot teases the den just beyond the formal living room. Looks like there's a shift to warmer colors and textures.

  • Den


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    The den boasts a cozier vibe with its rich leather sofa, taupe velvet-upholstered chairs, and natural wood coffee table. A nice mix of textures! 

  • View From the Den


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    The den opens up to generous outdoor living space and great city views. 

  • Bedroom


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    The bedroom continues the blue-white-grey palette for an uncluttered, modern feel. The best part is the view! City lights by night and bustling city by day. Love the ikat pillows!

  • The Terrace


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    The view from the terrace is downright charming. No looming skyscrapers -- just older brick buildings loaded with character. A great place to sip cocktails on a warm summer night.

  • Outdoor Dining


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    The terrace boasts a dining area with plenty of room for the whole family: Julia, Danny, Hazel, Finn and Henry! Wonder what new family will break bread here?

  • Dining Room


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    It's easy to forget the cold and snow of New York's winters when you look at the shots of the terrace, but this simple, stylish dining room makes indoor dining equally inspiring!

  • The Kitchen


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    The kitchen is decked out in grey, white, black, and silver. All those cool tones could get stiff and predictable -- but not with that sassy black and white striped floor! It adds just the right amount of funky, sophisticated fun to this kitchen. Might have to steal that idea for my home! 

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