20 Spectacular Sandcastles That Will Blow Your Mind (PHOTOS)

Lee Allport | Aug 11, 2015 Home & Garden
20 Spectacular Sandcastles That Will Blow Your Mind (PHOTOS)

Chances are you've built plenty of sandcastles in your day, whether for your own enjoyment or that of your kids', only they probably looked like short, stocky sand piles about the size and shape of your beach bucket. It turns out that sandcastle sculpting is a bona fide art form, and there are artists who create these masterpieces for a living -- they don't even have to live on the beach.

Sandcastle builders have branched out to big cities and more places you would never expect to see a sandcastle -- and they're not just castles, either. From movie-inspired displays to abstract sculptures, these sandy works of art run the gamut. Check out these 25 spectacular sculptures made with nothing but sand and water.

Image via Pat Charles/Flickr

  • Castle on South African Beach


    Image via The Sand Sculpture Company 

    This extravagant sand castle was built on a South Africa beach by Ted Siebert of SandSculpting.com, one of the most well-known sand sculptors in the world. The display is so lifelike, it leaves you feeling like you can walk right up the front steps (though that would probably be a very bad idea). 

  • Star Wars Return of the Jedi


    Image via Nick Veltch/Flickr

    Jabba the Hutt has kidnapped Princess Leia in this memorable scene from the Star Wars films. 

  • Alice in Wonderland


    Image via The Sand Sculpture Company

    Off with her head! Straight from the pages of the book, this Alice in Wonderland sand sculpture scene was created using 10 tons of sand.

  • 1,001 Nights


    Image via The Sand Sculpture Company 

    Part of a 30,000-ton sand sculpture built in Kuwait, this sculpture reached heights of 30 feet and took two sculptors to make. 

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  • Pele Goddess of the Sun


    Image via The Sand Sculpture Company 

    A tribute to the ultimate goddess of the sun, this masterpiece was built using 40 tons of sand.

  • Madagascar in the Sand


    Image via Henry Burrows/Flickr

    Everyone loves those crazy Madagascar characters, and with this sand sculpture, fans could finally walk all over them -- no, no, that would be rude, but the sculpture itself is pretty spectacular. 

  • Evil on the Brain


    Image via William Murphy/Flickr

    Part of the 2013 Sand Sculpture Festival in Dublin, this wow piece was created by world-renowned sculptor Duthain Dealbh. It appears to be a man's head being cracked open and pulled apart by demons. 

  • Under Pressure


    Image via Bert Adams/Sand in the City

    In 2003 well-known sand sculpture artist Bert Adams created the Texas-based Sand in the City, a fund-raising, team-building, sand-sculpting event. This particular piece of his seems to (literally) capture one nasty expression. 

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  • Sandcastles in the Sky


    Image via Pat Charles/Flickr

    This beauty was part of a huge sand-sculpting event in Australia a few years ago. 

  • Camelot's Castle


    This castle has been shared like crazy across social media and features knights, kings, queens, and warriors --the royal dream team.

  • America the Beautiful


    Image via Fantasy in Sand/12 Degree Entertainment

    This sculpture by Fantasy in the Sand depicts a patriotic scene that includes Lady Liberty, the Washington Monument, and more iconic American landmarks. 

  • King Titan's Castle


    The Little Mermaid's father certainly had quite a kingdom, which was recreated here in this enormous sand sculpture. 

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  • When Worlds Collide


    This sand sculpture features the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Swiss clockwork. Not only does it have a great deal of height on its side, but fine detail as well.

  • A Classic Castle


    Image via Eric Kilby/Flickr

    This beautiful sand sculpture with the many towers, steps, and windows is truly reminiscent of a historic castle. The incredible scroll detail around the windows alone is amazing. 

  • Sprawling Castle With Dome


    Image via Gerwin Filius/Flickr

    This sculpture boasts a domed ceiling and winding staircases, with incredible details in the tree trunks and watermill. 

  • Racing Chariot


    Image via Karen Mardahl/Flickr

    From the 12th International Sand Sculpture Festival in Søndervig, Denmark, this impressive sculpture of a racing chariot with wolves and birds flying overhead evokes power.

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  • Delivery


    Image Bert Adams/Sand in the City

    During the 2010 Sand Sculpting World Championship in Canada, sculptor Bert Adams created this as an ode to childbirth. Check out the sculpting detail in the side of the hand.
  • Sleeping Giant


    Image via The Sand Sculpture Company 

    Built on Fulong Beach in Taiwan, this "sleeping beauty" spanned 80 feet wide and 16 feet high -- wowza! 

  • Christmas Card


    Image via Bert Adams Sand in the City

    This holiday-themed sand sculpture turned out to be the perfect backdrop for a slew of Christmas cards. Tons of people snapped pics with it. 

  • Caricature of a Politician


    Image via Bert Adams/Sand in the City

    "A good caricature looks nothing like the person, but everyone knows who it is," says sculptor Bert Adams, who created this political sand sculpture in 2004 while in Texas at a Sand in the City event.

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