20 Spectacular Sandcastles That Will Blow Your Mind (PHOTOS)

Lee Allport | Aug 11, 2015 Home & Garden

Chances are you've built plenty of sandcastles in your day, whether for your own enjoyment or that of your kids', only they probably looked like short, stocky sand piles about the size and shape of your beach bucket. It turns out that sandcastle sculpting is a bona fide art form, and there are artists who create these masterpieces for a living -- they don't even have to live on the beach.

Sandcastle builders have branched out to big cities and more places you would never expect to see a sandcastle -- and they're not just castles, either. From movie-inspired displays to abstract sculptures, these sandy works of art run the gamut. Check out these 25 spectacular sculptures made with nothing but sand and water.

Image via Pat Charles/Flickr

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