Kids' Deaths Beneath Popular Dressers Prompts IKEA 'Recall' (PHOTO)

IKEA malm chestIf you've purchased a chest of drawers from a certain Swedish furniture maker, you'll want to read this. After two children died when their IKEA dressers fell on them, the international retailer is providing free anchoring kits to its customers to secure the bureaus. 


This isn't a typical recall situation because the dressers in question -- IKEA Malm Chests taller than 23½ inches or adult dressers and chests taller than 29½ inches -- were actually sold with the anchoring hardware, so buyers aren't being asked to return the furniture. However, in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the store is offering the free anchoring kits to hopefully prevent any future tragedies. 

Heartbreakingly, in the cases of both children who died, the chests were not secured to the wall. 

IKEA dressers

The free kit, which can be picked up at an IKEA store, via the IKEA website, or by calling 888-966-4532, includes replacement tip-over restraints, wall-anchoring hardware, instructions, and warning labels that should be placed on the furniture.

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Alarmingly, IKEA and the Safety Commission said they've received 14 other reports in which chests of drawers from the Malm line tipped over, causing an additional four injuries.

While assembling furniture is often a hassle, taking this extra step to anchor your furniture is crucial and could just save a life.  

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