12 Pretty & Inspiring Quotes for Around Your Home (PHOTOS)

12 Pretty & Inspiring Quotes for Around Your Home (PHOTOS)

home decor inspirationsThere's no place like home! And your home decor can be a source of inspiration -- literally. Whether you live in a tiny apartment in a big city, or a big old house in the country (or anything in between!), it's fun and worthwhile to make your living space a place that makes you feel good.

What words will motivate you, make you feel happy, or bring you peace? Surround yourself with them!

From encouraging pillows to chic little trays that tell you you're beautiful, here are some stylish home decor items that will give you a little lift of inspiration throughout your day,  every day. Fill a wall with a favorite quote, send yourself a little message every time you walk in the door, or get a subtle reminder every time you pick up a pair of earrings ... the messages can be big or small. I saved my favorite one for last!


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