Cleaning Tools of the Trade

Cleaning Tools of the Trade

cleaning tools around the house

It's always smart to be prepared. Here are the essential tools to keep on hand so you're always ready to tackle stains, spills, and other household challenges.

What items do you keep on hand to deal with household messes?

  • Cotton Swabs


    Keep a box handy for dabbing stain remover, bleach and other solutions on small areas.

  • Steam Iron


    Spray carpet stains with a mixture of ¼ white vinegar and ¾ water, cover with a soft white cloth and iron away the stain. For candle wax stains, cover with a paper towel, and iron until the wax is fully absorbed.

  • Paper Towels


    “Select a size” paper towels are great for soaking up spills, pet urine and a myriad of other messes.

  • Spray Bottle


    Keep a couple on hand for making your own vinegar-based window cleaners, and bleach-based mold and mildew solutions.

  • Cotton Eye Makeup Remover Pads


    Blot stains on clothing, apply small amounts of stain remover to surfaces and wipe scuffs off shoes.

  • Eyedropper


    Control the amount of stain remover or bleach you use on a stain.

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