$100 Will Buy So Much More In Mississippi Than Hawaii: How Does Your State Compare?

Caroline Olney | Jul 21, 2015 Home & Garden

There's no doubt in anybody's mind that buying a home in New York City means something very different than it does in rural West Virginia. But that cost disparity goes a lot deeper than some people think -- even as little as $100 means something very different depending on which state you're in.

The Tax Foundation used data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to compare the relative value of the dollar in each state. What they found is that there's a huge disparity -- $100 is least valuable in Washington, D.C., where it's only worth $84.96, and most valuable in Mississippi, where it's worth $115.21.

What that means is that if you walk into a grocery store with a $100 bill in Mississippi, you'll be able to buy a full $30 more of groceries than you would have in D.C. ... which is obviously a huge difference. 


Image © KasiaJanus/iStock