Super-Cute House Won't Sell Because It's in a Town With a Cringe-Worthy Name

penis vagina houseImagine living in an adorable two-bedroom home in a charming Swedish village? Well, what if the name of that quaint hamlet just happened to have a name that's kinda embarrassing?


And by embarrassing, we mean the town is named after male and female genitalia. Still interested? No, neither is anyone else apparently!

Even in the midst of a housing shortage, a quaint home in the village of Snorrslida, which translates to "Penis Vagina," has been listed for over three years. It's priced at $61,000, but it just won't sell.

We guess you can't blame anyone. Think of how often you have to give out your address. You're bound to have all sorts of people laughing at you over the phone. From the pizza delivery guy to a plumber, who's going to be able to keep it together when you tell them you live in a place that roughly translates to genitalia?

Though, on the other hand, maybe it's a great conversation starter. You know how when you first meet someone at a party, they almost always ask where you live? Wouldn't this be a hoot to see their reaction when you dropped this bomb on them?

You never know what's going to turn people off. You hear about homes not selling because the address includes the number 13, and buyers can be superstitious.

Realtors insist that in this case the place just needs a little TLC. Hmmm. Sounds like a handyman special -- in a town with a very unique name!

Would you buy a home in a town named "Penis Vagina"? 


Image via © huePhotography/iStock

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