5 Simple But Posh Must-Haves for Hosting Guests in the Summertime (VIDEO)

guest roomIf you have out-of-town guests coming to stay with you this summer, you're probably looking for ways to make them feel comfortable during their visit. Interior designer Jonathan Adler recently chatted with us about the best ways to make friends and family feel like they've been transported to a posh hotel -- without breaking the bank!


These suggestions sound so luxurious, why not treat yourself to a few so you can turn your home into a summer retreat you'll enjoy long after your guests are gone?

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The following are Adler's must-haves for making your home as hospitable as possible. 

1. Flowers - Bring the season's gorgeous blossoms indoors. Flowers add lots of life and color to a room. The white hydrangeas shown next to the designer in the video below would be stunning in any space. 

2. Fluffy Towels - Adler says he likes to supply guests with fluffy, "thirsty" towels. These go a long way to creating that spa-feel you want your guests to remember for years to come. Plus, plush towels take that post-beach hot shower to another level. Keeping moist towelettes on hand for quick clean-ups is another must, says the Pond's spokesman who designed the stylish vanity case shown in the video.

3. Candles - If you're a hostess who's been caught by surprise by last-minute guests, lighting some candles can immediately evoke a warm, relaxing vacation feel. Scented ones also fill the room an inviting fragrance. On the flip side, if you're visiting friends this summer, a candle makes a perfect gift for your hostess, Adler says. 

4. A Favorite Breakfast - Finding out what your guests love to eat for breakfast is a really nice touch. Especially if they've had a long journey, waking up to their favorite dishes will really make them feel special. This is a great thing to ask before friends arrive, so you can rule out potential food allergies as well. 

5. Plans That "Keep It Simple" - While you want to show your guests a great time, don't feel obligated to make big plans. Adler recommends keeping things casual -- great advice for those who are eager to relax! 

Check out our whole convo with Jonathan:

What special touches do you add to make your guests feel at home?

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