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11 Garden Organization Hacks for Less Work & More Fun (PHOTOS)

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Working in the garden is food for the soul to be sure, but it's also a lot of work! Keeping your tools, supplies, and even your work-flow organized can really help when it comes to streamlining the process ... so you have more time for the rewarding fruits (or flowers) of your labor.

With these clever garden organization hacks, you'll save time and cut back on the frustration of not knowing where things are, or what worked best last year. Happy gardening!

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Image via Amanda LeBlanc/theamandas.com

Image via Amanda LeBlanc/theamandas.com

2Use Peg Board to Organize Your Tools

Professional Organizer Amanda LeBlanc of The Amandas says to keep the tools you use most at eye level, and other items that aren't used as often should be stored higher.

3Use a Bungee Cord to Keep Stakes Upright

Another great hack from professional organizer Seana Turner of The Seana Method is to wrap a bungee cord around the corner of a garden fence to hold stakes up and looking tidy.

4Use a Bucket to Carry Your Supplies (and Phone)

Kim Pezza of The New Century Homesteader says her bucket is her favorite gardening tool: "It's actually made for regular tools, but it works wonderfully for my garden hand tools. I even keep a 25' hose in it. And my phone fits in one of the side pockets so that it doesn't get left on the ground. It is probably the best non garden purchase for the garden that I ever made!"

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7Organize a Gardening Binder

How do you remember what worked last year, when to plant certain things, weather patterns, and other tips, tricks, and info you learn along the way? Make a gardening binder! Andrea of Frugally Sustainable has great tips and directions.

9Use Empty Coffee Containers for Portable Storage

The experts at the gardening store Blooming Secrets recommend using an empty coffee container to keep a set of hand tools handy in the yard. Just keep the lid on, and you can store the container in the backyard (or near your container garden), so you can pull them out when you need them. The lid keeps the tools from rusting and you don't have to walk back and forth to the garage.

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10Try Egg Cartons for Seed Storage Containers

Another smart hack from the experts at the gardening store Blooming Secrets: You probably already know egg cartons make great seed-starters and planters. But egg cartons can also be used to store seeds -- and they are great on your workbench for nuts, bolts, screws, and nails.

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