Couple Buys Dream Home That Comes With Nightmarish Stalker

sold sign on houseAfter the "honeymoon" phase of homebuying comes the slightly less euphoric time when you think, "Why didn't we notice THAT before?" This usually pertains to things like ugly tile in the bathroom, a weird smell coming from a closet, or two dozen ancient paint cans tucked away on a basement shelf. But a New Jersey couple has discovered something much, much worse: Their beautiful new home has its own stalker.


A Union County, New Jersey couple with three kids recently shelled out $1.3 million for a six-bedroom home in the affluent town of Westfield. But according to Courthouse News Service, a few days after closing in early June of last year, they began receiving some seriously frightening letters from someone who calls himself "The Watcher."

It's never a good sign when people refer to themselves in the third person.

In the letters, The Watcher intimated that the house they just bought has been in his family for decades, and he has been put in charge of its "second coming."

And it gets creepier. He wrote:

I asked [the previous owners] to bring me young blood ...And once I know their names, I will call to them and draw them too [sic] me.

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Two more letters arrived shortly after, with "The Watcher" assuring the family he was watching them as they moved through the house, and wanting to know what family member slept in which bedroom so he could "plan better."

The family is now so distraught and freaked out (wouldn't anyone be?) that they want out of that house like, yesterday. They're suing the former owners for not disclosing the whole "Watcher" situation, including the letter they received just a week before the May 26 closing.

Of course, there could be a benign explanation for all this. Remember that old Brady Bunch ep where the kids pretend their home is haunted and scare off potential buyers?

On the other hand, it's a sad and scary commentary on our times that realtors might need to start adding a standard "Is it haunted?" question to the sellers' disclosure statement. Case in point: A woman was recently cuddled up in her home, watching a show about a grisly local murder, when she realized said crime had taken place right there in HER house.

We far prefer the Brady Bunch option. Please, for everyone's sake, let "The Watcher" be a bunch of giggling middle schoolers who live across the street and have far too much time on their hands.

What would you do if this was YOUR house?


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