10 Kitchen Organization Hacks to Keep Clutter Contained (PHOTOS)

Your kitchen is likely one of the most used rooms in your home -- especially if you have kids -- so it doesn't always take much for clutter to pile up or for counters to fill to overflowing. Sometimes it just means spending an extra 15 minutes every day getting things cleaned up, but what if all you needed was a few ways to organize things so they functioned according to your space and needs?

I've rounded up 10 beautiful examples of real kitchen clutter busters that help these families stay on top of the messes. They allow their spaces to be functional without sacrificing in the aesthetics department and likely help them save time by keeping things more organized. A clean and organized kitchen is a happy kitchen!

Do you have any specific tricks that have made your kitchen serve your needs better?

Images via Mandi Johnson; Victoria Smith; Alison Faulkner; House of Smiths; Kristine Franklin; Jennifer Bridgman; Laura Gummerman

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