Goodbye Sprays & Candles: Pottymints Will Fix Your Bathroom Funk

pottymints toiletKeeping the bathroom looking and smelling great is a big (and ugly) job. Sometimes, as often as you get in there with your spray cleaners and your paper towels, all it takes is one kid missing the bowl to undo your work! Well, there's a new, quick fix that may just solve your smelly bathroom blues: Pottymints. Say what?


Think of this as the floral alternative to urinal cakes. Check it out: It's a pocket-sized, individually-wrapped tablet that dissolves once it hits the water! And what does it leave behind? The scent of flowers! Which ones, you ask? Good question!

According to a press release, Pottymints come in two fragrances: La Fleur, a modern sophisticated floral with notes of citrus, jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood, and Arancia di Capri, which is a sensual scent that combines fresh citrus notes with juicy nectarine and hints of caramel.

Well, as a mom of three boys, I've got three words for this new product. Sign. Me. Up. That's right. I'll try these in a heartbeat. In fact, I'll take a case of them so I can stash them in each bathroom and plop these little suckers in the bowl before guests arrive! 

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Because as hard as my kids try to remember to lift the seat up (seriously, how difficult is it really, fellas, c'mon!) and focus on their aim, somehow our bathroom ends up smelling like one you'd find in a bus station. 

Despite my best efforts to clean and keep it fresh, there are days when if you walked into my powder room blindfolded you'd think you just stepped into a port-o-potty. That's not a good feeling!

And let's be honest: Some spray fragrances can be overpowering and are often a tell-tale sign that you're trying to mask other scents (oh am I!). Lighting candles isn't always a great solution either -- especially for distracted moms who may just run out of the house leaving them lit. Yikes! 

So, heck yeah, I'll give Pottymints a try! I might keep in my purse, too, for those occasions when I encounter a less-than-fresh toilet when I'm out and about. 

Will you try Pottymints in your home? 

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