Inconsiderate Homeowner Erects Enormous Screen to Block Out Neighbors (VIDEO)

livestock screen in vermontA Vermont woman has found a novel way of blocking out the view of her neighbor's home. Ruth Dwyer, who previously ran for governor of the Green Mountain state unsuccessfully in 1998 and 2000, has been farming on her expansive property for the past 40 years. All was running smoothly, she says, until a new home popped up across the street and the flurry of activity began "distracting" her livestock. But when Dwyer decided to take matters into her own hands she found herself in a heap of trouble with local authorities. 


The farmer had a contractor erect a 60-foot-by-24-foot privacy screen by placing a large sheet of fabric between telephone poles. Though it looks a bit like a billboard or drive-in movie screen, her new neighbor and officials in the town of Thetford don't like it one bit. In fact, Dwyer has been fined $200 a day since March. (For those who don't feel like doing the math, she's facing more than $15,000 in fines!) 

Sure, Vermont residents are known for loving their privacy but has this one gone too far? Take a look: 

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Certainly if she doesn't own the property across the street, someone else has every right to build there. So, likewise, should she have the same authority to place something on her own lot? Granted this DIY screen is a bit of an eyesore but in Dwyer's defense, she says she planted cedar trees to create a natural barrier but they'll take years to grow to the proper height to block out her new neighbor.

This is a tough one. You can sort of see both sides. The new homeowner probably thought he was getting a lovely, pastoral view of a working farm and now he's looking at this big hunk of lumber and fabric. And Dwyer was accustomed to plenty of privacy for her 150-plus animals. So you can appreciate where she's coming from. 

Still, she did go ahead and put up the makeshift fence after her request for a permit was refused -- a big no-no in most areas -- so it's no wonder she's facing huge fines.

With neither side budging, it'll be interesting to see who wins this battle! 

Do you think the fence should come down or was Dwyer within her rights to erect it for the sake of her livestock?  

Image via BreakingNews/YouTube

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