Family Sues After Discovering New Home Is Filled With Creepy Guests (VIDEO)

dream home turns into nightmares snakesThis story will make your skin crawl! A Maryland couple and their kids, thrilled to finally move into their dream home, discovered the house was already occupied by some pretty creepy inhabitants: black rat snakes. EEEEKK!


The couple's 4-year-old son was the first to spot one dangling from the home's exterior. Hoping it was just a lone intruder, the family didn't worry  too much until they found a seven-foot snake the following week. Before long they discovered the slithery creatures were hiding behind every orifice. Doesn't that just make the hairs on your neck stand up? 

What makes this even more disturbing is that the family believes the previous owner and the realtor were both aware of these "squatters" before selling the place! Can you imagine? 

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As you'd expect, the family sought the help of exterminators but after tearing out much of the insulation and spending almost $60,000, they finally had to move in with relatives. So it's no wonder they're suing the previous owner and realtor, claiming they were well-aware of the infestation but feigned ignorance to make the deal. 

Oh, this poor family. An experience like this could definitely give you and the kids nightmares! You've saved up to buy a home and now not only can you not live in it, you've had to spend a fortune to try to fix it. Our heart goes out to this mom who says it's been very tough to explain to her kids why they can't go home. We hope they get some closure and a safe place to live as soon as possible!

Did you ever find an unwelcome surprise in your new home? 


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