DIY Catalog Christmas Tree, uh, WOW!

catalog Christmas tree

Yes, it's a Christmas tree made out of holiday catalogs and magazines! No, your eyes do not deceive you.

Jewelrymaker Jill Redman shared these photos of her special DIY catalog Christmas tree project with us—plus a little "how to" on her project.

This is so pretty, I could consider giving up the real tree.


From Jill:

I seem to be making something at all times... I feel like my creative mind never rests. For the last six years, I have made our Christmas trees. This Christmas tree was constructed completely of holiday catalogs and magazines. I made this tree as a statement on the excess of catalogs mailed out during the holiday season.

How to Make a Catalog Christmas Tree

Materials list:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Large piece of cardboard for the base
  • A tomato trellis (the kind you find at any gardening store; their purpose is to withhold the weight of growing tomatos)
  • A gazillion catalogs and magazines (about 200 really).


  1. Turn the trellis upside down placing the widest circle on the floor.  
  2. Tape the "stake" ends together creating the tip of the tree.
  3. Glue a large sturdy piece of cardboard to the bottom for a base.
  4. For the "branches," fold EACH page of your catalog or magazine's outside top edge into the spine creating a 45-degree angle. For the tip of the tree, I folded each page two times.
  5. Working your way around the from top to bottom, hot glue the entire length of the catalog spine to the vertical wire framing of the trellis and secure it to the horizontal wire framing. Staggering the catalogs creates a more organic looking tree. 
  6. Repeat with about 200 magazines.
  7. I used a stack of books for the trunk.
  8. Enjoy!

Jill Redman is the co-owner of blue poppy handcrafted jewelry, in Long Beach, California. And btw, these Ginger Drops earrings are beautiful (*hint, hint, DH*)!

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