Brave Family of 4 Dramatically Downsizes in Order to Live a Debt-Free Life (PHOTOS)

Rye family home OhioJamie and Kelly Rye of Ohio have a pretty big dream that they'll realize in  very tiny location. The couple, parents to a 2-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son, have decided to sell their sprawling 3,400-square-foot house and move into a 400-square-foot "tiny home" to live debt-free. 


Jamie estimates that in just under four years, they'll have paid off $100,000 in debt and, barring an unforeseen circumstances, will be living sans debt and creditors. Sounds pretty good to us. But, still that's a huge (3,000-square-feet-huge, to be exact!) sacrifice. Take a look at the home they're leaving behind: 

It would be tough to say good-bye to that, wouldn't it? Still, knowing that you don't have any bills -- not to mention the mounting interest -- hanging over your head would sure help you sleep at night, even if you're on a pull-out queen size Murphy bed that doubles as your seating area by day. Take a look at the plans for the Ryes diminutive dwelling: 

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The kids will have separate loft bedrooms. Sounds good for now, but what about when they're bigger? Reminds us a bit of Little House on the Prairie, how about you?

To gear up for the move, literally, Jamie has even secured this tiny stove for a bargain. The little house will also have a dishwasher, washer and dryer as well as a composting toilet. So while they may be right next to one another, the place will definitely have all the comforts of home!


The family plans to build the new dream home this summer while living in a camper -- that ought to give them some good practice when it comes to sharing close quarters!

While this move isn't for everyone (especially the claustrophobic!) it's really admirable that they're trying it. And after all, home is where the heart is -- no matter the square footage. 

Have you ever considered a dramatic downsizing?

Images via jamierye5/Instagram & kellyrye/Instagram

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