The Duggar Home Is Full of Organizational Ideas You'll Want to Steal (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | May 22, 2015 Home & Garden

Duggar Family

It's no secret that the Duggar family, stars of 19 Kids & Counting, is highly organized -- they have to be! But how exactly do they do it? We took a close look around some of the rooms of their home to figure out their secrets! Take a sneak peek and see which ideas you can steal, er, borrow.

If you need some new strategies for helping the kids stay on top of their responsibilities and messes, here you go! 

What's your secret for staying organized? 

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  • The Front Entrance


    Welcome to the Duggar house. Plenty of curb appeal here! What a stunning entrance, and they need those double doors with that many kids and grandkids coming and going. Now let's take a peek inside!

  • The Schedule


    Look at this! Great idea for all busy families. The kids will have no more excuses for not making the bed when you've got this schedule of responsibilities printed out for all to see. This is an idea lots of moms will probably borrow!

  • The Mail Room


    Wow, anyone who has a ton of junk mail can't help but be inspired by this well-organized mailroom. Never miss a mortgage or car payment again with this system!

  • The Kitchen


    The Duggars have multiple sets of twins -- even their stoves are a matching pair! If you're an avid homecook, wouldn't you love to be able to utilize two ovens -- especially around the holidays? 

  • The Pantry


    Wow, this pantry like an aisle at the grocery store! Wouldn't mind being snowed in with those supplies at the ready. But seriously, we all know Michelle is a careful shopper, so it looks like she probably stocks up on items she knows the family loves and needs while they're on sale. Most families could be ample prepared with a pantry a quarter the size, but bulk shopping is a good money-saving tip for all families.

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  • The Living Room


    We love that the focus is on games rather than television in this living room. Wonder who the chess champ of the household is? Board games are a great way to enjoy time together.

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  • The Laundry Room


    Look at all that laundry -- and at least four washing machines! Looks like the Duggar brood has boys and girls laundry baskets, but love the idea of using different colored laundry baskets for each kid. And folding that wash in the laundry room is one way to combat it ending up all over the couches of your living room. 

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  • The Closet


    Once that laundry gets upstairs, it's time to organize it or it ends up in toppling stacks on the dressers. Look how streamlined this closet is! We love that the pants are separated rather than lost in a sea of shirts. And want to see exactly what's in the middle? Check out the next slide! 

  • Shoe Baskets


    Do your kids struggle to find their shoes every time you're ready to walk out the door? Try this clever shoe basket system where there's a labeled spot for each person's footwear. Crisis averted! Well, if they can manage to put them away in the first place ...

  • Kids' Clothes


    In the Duggar household, there is tons of clothes sharing and hand-me-downs, no doubt, so this system with simple labels keeps all the sizes at the ready. This sweet organizational system can work in all families where clothes get passed around or down. If there are years and sizes between your kids, you can just keep them labeled and stored away until you need them.

  • Lockers


    Even if you don't homeschool, lockers can be a pretty cool way to keep the kids organized. Just think -- no more sports equipments cluttering the mud room! No more tripping on sweatshirts and rain coats in the entry way.

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