Your Neighbor's Grass Might Not Really Be That Green

grass paint

The grass is always greener ... when you spray paint it. No, seriously: To combat the less-than-lush lawns caused by California's current drought, residents of the Golden (Brown) State are actually spray painting their yards green. It's like the landscaping version of touching up your roots!


And why not? Athletic fields and golf courses have been faking it for years, and with California officials ordering communities to cut their water use by 25 percent by early next year, homeowners with their hearts set on greener pastures don't really have many other options. (Seriously, the drought is BAD -- ski resorts are shutting down, swimming pools are staying empty and restaurants are even skimping on complimentary glasses of water.) Meanwhile, the turf dyes used by companies like LawnLift are environmentally friendly, so what's the harm?

Check out this video to see how it's done:


Pretty cool, right? The way I see it, it's bad enough the drought is happening -- if people can safely brighten up their lawns, it seems like a harmless way to keep hope alive. Sure, those acres aren't authentically green, but at this point Californians have no choice but to take what they can get. And honestly, maybe this is something aesthetically-conscious types who aren't being plagued by dry, scorched lawns should consider.

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After all, conservation is important for everyone to think about nowadays, not just those already in crisis mode. Cosmetics: They make everybody feel better about themselves. Even blades of grass! 

Would you consider painting your lawn green? 


Image via The Daily Mail 

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