12 Things That Would Never Get Cleaned If Men Were in Charge

Adriana Velez | May 12, 2015 Home & Garden

man cleaningWe admit, some men are incredible neat freaks who clean better than we are. But for every tidy husband, there's at least three men out there with a very high tolerance for chaos and filth. We asked moms what would NEVER get cleaned if men were in charge -- are you ready to cringe?

What would your home look like if your husband were in charge of all the cleaning?


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  • Those Hard-to-Reach Carpet Regions


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    "I don't think he's ever used an attachment. If the entire vacuum won't fit somewhere then that area just doesn't get cleaned. By him, anyway."

  • The Kitchen


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    "The one area he will not touch is the kitchen. I don't know why, but he doesn't like anything to do with the kitchen."

  • The Blinds


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    Blinds. See also: Celing fans, base boards.

  • The Toilet


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    The toilet. Actually, make that the entire bathroom.

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  • The Laundry


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    "I'm convinced if we left my husband to his own devices for a week, he'd be either commando or wearing undies inside out ..."

  • The Dryer Lint Filter


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    Speaking of laundry, why does it never occur to men to clean out the lint filter in the dyer? Like, EVER?

  • Any Stains


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    Any stain removal at all -- but especially stains on baseball uniforms and (shudder) skid marks in boys' underwear.

  • Hair in the Drain


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  • Dishes in the Dishwasher


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    "My hubby can walk by a mess and still be oblivious to it. He even leaves the dishwasher door open so he doesn't forget to empty it, but he still forgets."

  • All of the Dust


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    This seems to be universal. Men don't dust.

  • The Kids' Stuff


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    Organize the kids' room? Oh no. And forget about sorting out clothes they've grown out of.

  • Everything


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    "Everything here. My DH does not clean."

    "In my house if my husband was in charge of cleaning we'd be living in a pile of dirty clothes, plates, soda cans, tools, car parts, welding hoods and just plain filth. My husband is not one for cleaning. He will let things go for weeks."

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