FREE Printable Gifts, Gift Tags, and Other Downloadable Holiday Fun!

Here are some free and mostly printable holiday downloads to help out—whether you're running behind on all the holiday hoopla, trying to cut back, completely broke, or snowed in (or, you know, you *forgot* to buy a gift or get a card for that one someone). Great last-minute gifts and gift tags, holiday music and crafts, and more! Did I mention they're all FREE!?

custom photo calendars

Custom Photo Calendar template from Shutter Sisters



All of these goodies can be downloaded from your computer. Most require Adobe Reader. Some require a printer (color is nice) and paper (cardstock mostly) and scissors and maybe a little tape and folding. At least one requires a bit of amatuer engineering skill, another some sticker paper, and another some sort of MP3 playing device.

But all are hopelessy holiday amazing and FREE to you. Happy Holidays!

Free Printable Gifts

Free Holiday Craft Downloads

Free Printable Stickers

Free Ready-to-Print Holiday Invites and Cards

Free Holiday Music Downloads

Free Printable Gift Tags

Free Desktop Wallpaper Art

And most importantly, don't miss the Seasonal Secret Spy Disguise from wish jar (via mamazine). VERY important this time of year.


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