20 Things Every Home Used to Have & Are Pretty Much Extinct Now (PHOTOS)

cd player

Remember what life was like back in the days before smartphones took the place of about a thousand other devices? Remember the years when paper reigned supreme? Our homes looked a lot different, that's for sure! And even if some of us are still stubbornly holding on to certain outdated technologies (do you really need that CD player anymore?), there's no question that many of the everyday items we thought we couldn't live without just a few short years ago are now pretty much extinct.

Of course it goes without saying that before long, we'll be trading in our flat screens and iPads for even more advanced technologies, and sure, some of these things might still be lingering in your home somewhere (overstaying their welcome!). But if you haven't already, get ready to say good-bye to the soon-to-be relics on this list!

Image via iStock.com/titanium doughnut

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