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Michelle Duggar's 5 Favorite Mother's Day Gifts (And 3 We Think She Should Get)

Michelle DuggarWhile being Michelle Duggar, mom to 19 Kids & Counting and grandmother to four (with more on the way!), sounds exhausting, the one day all her hard work truly pays off is Mother's Day! The practical mama shared some of her top picks for this holiday, when she'll no doubt be showered with love and, hopefully, at least some of the items on her wish list. 

Michelle's treasure trove includes items every mom would love, but for fun we decided to throw in a few others that we think she needs and deserves! 

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Take a look and see if you and Michelle have the same taste!

What are you hoping to receive this Mother's Day? 

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2A Counter

Keeping track of 19 kids sounds impossible. You can't even count them on your fingers (and it seems impractical to take off your shoes) so we thought Michelle could use this handy dandy counter! Click, click, click ... you get the idea. (Amazon, $5.02)

3Apple Peeler & Slicer

Imagine peeling a dozen apples for your kids' afternoon snack? It would be dinner time before you'd finish! No wonder Michelle has her eye on this apple peeler. (Amazon, $12.95)

4Ear Plugs

Think of the noise level when all the kiddies arrive home from school at once! We're sure she'd never wear them because she'll want to hear all about everyone's day, but you have to imagine there are times when this mom could benefit from some ear plugs. (Amazon, $5.16 for 14 pairs)

5Bluetooth Speaker

We love this Bluetooth speaker Michelle has added to her wish list! She  can bring it into the kitchen while she cooks or enjoy some tunes while she works out, making it a great gift idea for any mom! (Amazon, $39.95)

6Family Tree Photo Frames

Photos make a great decoration around the home. Plus, they're a fun way to keep an eye on how big the little ones are getting. How cute are these photo trees? Of course, Michelle could have a whole forest with the amount of family members she's got! (Amazon, $36.99)

7Gift Card

Everyone knows Michelle and Jim Bob love to go on ice cream dates so it makes perfect sense that she'd like a gift card for a sweet treat. Who can blame her? Especially with summer coming, this sounds like a great gift for any mom! 

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